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Below is my newest collaboration "I'll Never Find A Way".  Lyrics by BKWilliamson, mastering and drums by Luc Goyer, and back up vocals by Kim Noble.

Need a Vocalist / Guitarist / Pianist for a wedding or special event?   Will perform the music of your choosing with guarenteed professional quality.
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Performing live, I accompany myself and do all the leads on guitar, piano, or what the song dictates.  

Utilizing digital supporting tracks, arranged and recorded in my state of the art studio, my live performance has the sound and presence of a full band.  However, the volume can be set to perfectly fit the room and situation, from dinner atmosphere to a dance setting.

My goal is for you to experience music from a soloist in a powerful and authentic way.

A Bit About Me

Life has been good to me and at this time in my life I must count my blessings. I have a loving, supportive wife (Kim), and three great successful kids, Bryan, Jenny and Alyssa. I have also been blessed with three grandchildren, Lauren, Nathan and Siddhana.

You know, a guy can't ask for much more!

I have always been a musician; it was in my blood and a family tradition. My parents were both involved in live radio back in the 40's with my mom (Happy Valley June) having a popular live radio show. In high school I had a couple of rock bands, Revelations and the infamous Illusions of Ecstasy (still a great name).

As a young adult I had the opportunity to travel with a number of acts out of Nashville working most extensively with LeRoy VanDyke and Roy Clark.  My brother, Tom, and I had a group, The Campbell Brothers for a while after that.

A great friend and I had a successful show band, the Moore and Campbell Show for a few years.
However, when the 1980's came I returned to college and received a BME from the University of Nebraska. I started teaching music as a public school teacher in Manhattan, Kansas and worked on and earned a Masters, then a Doctorate from Kansas State (GO CATS).
A long story very short, I became school principal and served 19 years in that position.

This year I retired from education to get back to my roots, to who I am, and back what I do best.   No more pencils, no more books, no more teachers' dirty looks.  (Hey, I loved education, but now it is time to PLAY.)

My goals are to write the best songs of my life, put together the most polished performances, to travel, and to savor life to the fullest.�  
Thanks for taking the time to read this.  I hope you can come see me live, we can laugh, sing and spark the musical spirit.                                                                                                         
Sample Song Lists
Original Songs on Youtube:

Live Performance (Samples):

Guitar Tunes:
You've Got A Friend
Guitar Polkas
Ventura Highway
Love you in a Song
Carolina in my Mind

Piano Tunes:
At This Moment
Can We Still Be Friends
Wasted Time
Rocket Man
Beautiful in My Eyes

Banjo Tunes:
Originals (Samples):
All Songs Registered with BMI.
* I'll Never Stop
* Lucky Guy
* So High
* Olden Days
* My Dream
* After All
* Passionate Guitar
* Smile for Me
* So Long
* The World
* Song for A Coal Miner
* Blow Me Away
* Welcome Home
* Help for Haiti
* Blood on Your Hands
Notation Services
My music notation business.

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